Saturday, September 29, 2012

Candy Corn Soda

My 4 year old had surgery this last week so I disappeared from the world for a little while.   I decided to clean the house like mad beforehand, make some easy meals and avoid emails, blogging, texting, etc while he was recovering.  Honestly, the last few days have been wonderful.  My mom took my littlest guy and I just got to play with Chase.  We colored dinosaur coloring pages, cut out a pumpkin patch and taped all the little pumpkins up on his bedroom wall, did Lego sticker book, watched Dinosaur Train, read books.  It was heaven.  I found myself wishing every day was like this and that laundry and dishes and errands just didn't exist, and that I could always be the nicest mom ever.  Bringer of Sprite and cookies and narcotics.

That was the plus side.

The down side was obviously the whole surgery bit.  But he took it like a champ and was so brave.  When the anesthesiologist took him I was fawning all over him telling him how brave he was and how I would see him so soon bla bla blah.

 I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes at me.

At 4 years old he's so much braver than I am.

The weird part is he did a surgery prep class beforehand and asked lots of question so he knew exactly what was going to happen and when the time came he still strutted right into the O.R.

I'm so glad he's not like me.

I did a lot of baking before surgery day and I invented this Halloween-y soda for ya'll.  I really did invent it for you because I hate candy corn but I know there are so many candy corn lovers out there.  This soda is made from real candy corn so it tastes just like the real thing.   This may not be the greatest soda to accompany a burger but if you love candy corn you'll love this as a sweet Halloweeny treat.

Anybody else excited it's almost October?

 Candy Corn Soda
Makes about 3 cups/3 servings

-1 cup candy corn
-1 cup water
-2 cups Schweppes club soda  (buy something good because the cheap brands are often under-carbonated and your soda will be flat.)

Place candy corn and water in a small pan over medium-heat.  Stir continually to dissolve candies.  Once mixture begins to boil, boil 1 minute, then remove from heat.  Allow to cool slightly.

Pour mixture through a small sieve to remove any remaining candy chunks.  Using a funnel, pour mixture into a large soda bottle with an airtight stopper or cap.  (I use a glass one I bought at Sur La Table.)

Add club soda to the soda bottle using the funnel, put the cap on tightly, and shake well.  (After shaking do NOT open the bottle right away or you will lose a lot of your carbonation.)

Chill until  very cold.  Shake well before serving, but allow to settle for about 5 minutes before opening so you don't lose your carbonation.

Serve with a few candy corn pieces in the bottom of each glass if you wish.
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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Oh no! I hope he's okay. Surgery = yuck. Love the soda though, I think you're the coolest mom ever!

Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel said...

What the what? Candy corn soda?! That's the coolest thing ever!!

Karen @ Sugartown Sweets said...

I LOVE candy corn! I was eating some today while working on a new post! This soda sounds so cool..I absolutely love the color. So sorry to hear your little one had to have surgery. Glad to hear he's okay. My little grandson has had 2 this year. I'm the hovering type grandma and it was hard for me too..but, both times we were able to follow the surgeries with a trip to Disney! Had to get our spoiling time in. ..was I rambling? Sorry! And yes, we do love October. :o)

Unknown said...

Glad your little one is better and made it through with such bravey :). Jones soda co made a candy corn soda a few years back and it was great, but it did not return this year. So I was searching for it and found your recipe. It sounds like a lot of fun and looks delicious. I can't wait to try it! Thanks for the idea!*

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