Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Chocolate Coconut M&M Cookies

Not that I think you stalk me or anything, but if you have been wondering where I've been lately you should know I've been sulking over the closure of Picnik.

Also over Facebook's  new Timeline feature.

And Blogger's new interface.

Maybe sulking isn't the right word.  Maybe a better word is incapacitated.

If you are imagining me hiding in a closet eating chocolate chip cookies and trembling over all the unnecessary change that's going on right now then you have a pretty accurate picture of how I've spent the last 2 months. I did warn you I don't deal well with change.

Also I thought my  kids and yard were needing some attention.

Regardless of what I was actually doing,  I'm back and I have lots of delicious recipes to share with you.  Just in time for summer! You know these cookies will help you fit into your swimsuit, right?

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Chocolate-Dipped Peeps

Yes, I know everyone and their mom posted chocolate-dipped peeps about 2 months ago but with this blog's namesake,  I really have no choice but to put up my version sometime.  

Whenever someone refers to their friends as "peeps" I picture these in my head and wonder if they like to take bites out of their friends.

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Jelly Bean Spoons

For Easter this year the kids and I made jelly bean spoons and wrapped them up in little cello bags with ribbon tied around them.  They are super cute favor and a huge hit with kids although personally I can't stomach the chocolate/fruit combination.  I think a Sixlet version is much more suited for adults although you can really put anything on them you want.  


The key is to use a really nice chocolate, especially if you are giving them to adults.  

It's sooo adult-like to eat candy off of spoons.

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