Friday, May 31, 2013

Frozen Cherry Garcia Brownie Squares

Up until this week I always thought I was a twelve year old at heart.  I would eat jelly beans for every meal if I could, and I refuse to talk to strangers on the phone unless dragged, kicking and screaming.  (Seriously.  Do not ask me to call someone I don't know.  Stranger Danger!)

Swim lessons started for my little this week, and after a week or so of people watching at the pool, I am fairly convinced that I am actually a grandmother at heart.

Water Aerobics? Coolest thing ever.  Unfortunately no one in the class is under the age of 70.  (And I mean that seriously because my parents are pretty close to being 60 and nobody in the class looks even close to being their age. There are walkers galore along the edge of the pool.)  I could probably sign up, but that might be all kinds of weird.  For all parties involved.

So instead I pine for the days I can take water aerobics classes every morning without looking like a freak, and hubby can retire so we can walk laps at the mall.  (Another old person activity I, personally, find enticing.)

Also I really like to feed children sweets and tell them to ignore the advice of their parents.

You can call me Grams if you feel so inclined.


There is a little bit of a story behind these brownies. Typically, when I cut bars, I freeze them first so I get nice clean lines, especially if there are lots of gooey toppings.  So it was quite by accident that I decided these bars should be frozen.

They are supposed to be refrigerated;  And they are alright out of the fridge.

But out of the freezer?  They taste like a brownie with a big scoop of Cherry Garcia ice cream on top.

Could.Not. Stop.Eating. 

For real.  I think I ate the weight of a small child in these brownies.  And I didn't even regret it when I had to wear yoga pants for a week.

(If you're thinking, "These are the only pants that fit right now..."  I love you.) 

Please. Please.  Freeze these.  Make them.  Eat them. Cherish them.  Ben & Jerry would approve. Nobody can judge you for eating the whole pan if you don't tell anybody.  ;)

Have a great weekend!

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