Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chewy Samoan Brickle

Havest thou any idea what brickle is?  Yes, me neither.  But it sounded like a good word for this.  Also this has nothing to do with the tiny island of Samoa.  But it does have similar ingredients to a Girl Scout Samoa cookie.

I have been making this so long I can't even remember where the recipe came from, and I can't find it on the internet anywhere.  Sometimes we just call it crack.  It is completely chewy and addictive, and it's strange because it tastes nothing like coconut or nuts.  If you hate the ingredients, just trust me and make this anyways.  The closest thing I can compare this to is probably Saltine toffee, but it is chewy instead of crunchy.  After much deliberation I have decided this is kind of a cross between a homemade candy and a bar. 

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