Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blue Bubblegum Ice Cream

Soccer update:  Chase's first game went great.  There was no blood, no tears, no tantrums.  No children lost limbs or threw over the water table in a rage. There was no big reveal at the end where we found out one of the boys was actually a girl pretending to be her twin brother so she could prove girls can play soccer as well as boys and win over Channing Tatum in the process.

He listened to his coach (actually he perched himself on his coaches knee every time the kids all came in to take a knee...) and ran after the ball with all the other kids.

I noticed that he is really non-agressive.  I guess it is pretty confusing to be told to share all the time and not take other people's things and then to be screamed at to "be agressive" and try to steal the ball from other kids.

Talk about mixed messages.

I basically had a panic attack when I walked in to the sports store to buy his equipment.  I played sports as a kid but never soccer, football, or basketball (ie: all the sports my kids will probably want to play.)  I just stood there and stared at the 6 different kinds of cleats wondering which sport they were each for and whether my kid needed bands to keep his shin guards up or whether he was supposed to wear two pairs of socks with his cleats.

Like.  How do people even learn how to use these things?

What did people do before Wiki Answers?

(In case you are wondering, there is an article on eHow entitled "How to Wear Soccer Shoes and Shin Guards".)

I know I've been whining a lot recently about the LONG summer we've had this year, but really, my boys are my little piece of heaven.  They give my life purpose. I love that I can stay home with them even though sometimes I think I'd rather shoot my brains out than listen to the Doc McStuffins theme song one more time.

I really love to make treats that I know will put a huge smile on their face.  In all honestly I developed this ice cream just because I knew they'd freak out when they saw it.  If you like Baskin Robbins pink bubblegum, you will like this.  The great part is there's no bubblegum pieces to pick out so you wont have to save it all in a big wad on your napkin to eat later.

You do that.  Right?

If you want, you can turn this ice cream into Bubblegum ice cream cupcakes.
(Just sub bubblegum ice cream for the black raspberry ice cream.)

Or, if ice cream isn't really your thing, you can always make regular Bubblegum cupcakes instead.

This isn't super sweet considering it is Bubblegum flavored, so feel free to go a little heavy on the sugar if you want.

 Happy Thursday!!

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