Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Ombre Drinks

I just found out that hats are not allowed at my son's elementary school next year.


I thought that was the great part about having a boy? You know, them being all low-maintenance and everything.  Slapping a hat on them and sending them out the door.

Umm, do they even realize what a huge inconvenience this is?  This will probably add an additional minute and forty five seconds to my morning routine.  Where am I supposed to find that kind of time?

Will there be a complimentary breakfast served at school to make up for the time I will have to take away from toast-making or orange juice pouring in order to style his hair appropriately?

Starving children typically don't do well in school.

Don't they know that??

It's so hard to be a mom these days.

Sarcasm aside, remember the layered drinks craze of last summer?  For Valentine's day I came up with a cute ombre version to make my kids.  So pretty and soo yummy.  The trick of course, is layering these drinks in the right order.

Check the label on the back of the drink and look at the sugar content.  The highest amount of sugar is the drink that should go on the bottom.  The lowest will go on top.  Do not use drinks that contain the same or similar amounts of sugar or they will just mix together like regular drinks.  For really defined layers, choose sugar contents that are pretty drastic.

Happy Valentine's Week!

Wish me luck with all this hair-doing I'm going to be doing.  I should probably start practicing!

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