Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hidden Candy Corn Cupcakes

I learned something today.  Which is,

 If you don't like random people talking to you and staring at you, don't go out in public with a kid dressed up like a mad scientist with white-dyed hair standing 6 inches out in all directions and freaky black eyebrows. 



Next year I will pre-arrange my grocery shopping and other errands around children's Halloween parties and the need thereof for them to be dressed like freaks and thus the center of attention.

Don't get me wrong I love this holiday but strangers talking to me and watching me makes me nervous.  The little alert in my head says STRANGER DANGER- STRANGER DANGER.

Also it takes 45 minutes to grocery shop instead of 10 and I'm not great at small talk.

Since I'm pretty sure your kids won't get enough of a sugar high today I thought I'd make you some cupcakes.  You have to cut into the middle first though, for the surprise!

Have a very happy and safe Halloween my friends!!

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