Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fourth of July Firework Pushpops

I've had firework pushpops on the brain since last summer when I ran out of time to make them amidst the craziness of moving.  Unfortunately, a few months ago I saw this idea by Betty Crocker, so I had to accept the reality that I won't go down in history as the inventor of the firework push pop.


There's probably billions in that.

However, while their pops are cute, they weren't exactly what I had imagined. Fireworks need pointy cones on top and streamers coming out the bottom!

I kept their color scheme and added some extras and I am happy with how they turned out.

Unrelated- My kids are going to think it's bizarre when they start school and realize all their friends don't have holiday-themed treats packed in their lunchboxes weeks before the actual holiday.

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Double Birthday Cupcakes (Decorating technique)

Last week I made these cupcakes for my sister-in-law and dear friend Becky (and the BEST mom to twins everrr) for her birthday.

Sometimes recipes like this from Pinterest just keep nagging at me until I make them.

Also I won't ever say no to a reason to buy a whole bag of mini peanut butter cups.

These are super fast and easy and you can use any cupcakes or frosting you like.  Plus they're almost husband friendly.

(As in... there's only so many ways to screw up putting a peanut butter cup on top of a cupcake and adding sprinkles. So you can totally request these for your birthday.)

Did I mention you get to eat all the extra peanut butter cups?

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