Monday, May 14, 2012

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

So I tripped over a dead body laying in my hall last night.  And then again about ten minutes later, and ten minutes after that the dead body zombie-chased me through the house while I screamed bloody murder and attempted to run away.

I will probably think twice before buying my 4 year old "body pajamas" again.

If I had a mom who made me cotton candy cupcakes I would not zombie stalk her.

Just sayin...

I made these cotton candy cupcakes a couple months ago right as the Lorax craze began.  These certainly have nothing to do with truffula trees as much as they might look like it, so I decided to wait to post them.  The cupcakes have cotton candy sandwiched inside them before baking (it melts into the batter as they bake) and are topped with a sugary cotton candy frosting.  These definitely make kids' eyes light up.

And keep zombies at  bay.

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Snicker's Salad

Forgive me for going all health-kick on you lately.   I thought you might need a recipe or two for when you're asked to bring a green salad to a summer BBQ or something.

You know you want to :)

I've noticed Snicker's salad making an appearance in the blog world lately, but every recipe I've seen is different than ours.  Some call just for Cool Whip and some for Cool Whip + vanilla pudding.  Our family recipe uses cream cheese along with the Cool Whip.  It's kind of tastes like caramel apple cheesecake.

Totally a salad worthy of summer BBQ season. 

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Almond Sugar Cookies

When I was a kid we used to get Marzipan treats in our stockings.  (In Europe they make marzipan pigs, marzipan fruits, all kinds of stuff.)  I think because of this I have a HUGE almond-extract aversion.  

 It probably has NOTHING to do with overindulgence.

Or I thought I did.  Recently I've discovered I actually like pure almond extract in moderation, it's just that imitation stuff that gives me the shivers.  

These cookies are a nice spin-off of the usual.  They are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Feel free to roll them in any color sugar you desire.  I think the thick granulated sugars used for cupcakes are the prettiest.

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