Friday, May 25, 2012

Taffy Skewers


I've been meaning to post these for at least a year because I really love things on sticks and I really love things that are cute and easy. Kids go crazy for them and they make darling centerpieces for parties as well.

Pink and brown skewers are my favorite for girl baby showers and blue/white for boy showers.  If I can ever find some Fourth of July taffy, those will be happening soon!

I've gotta say it.  Be careful.  I may or may not have put a skewer sliver right through my finger while making these (as in... in one side... out the other... I almost fainted when I had to pull it out.  It wasn't the size of the entire skewer but it was about 1/3 as thick- which is pretty darn thick to be threaded through your finger, thank you very much!)  

If you have a taffy that's sticking, wrap a clean dishtowel around your hand and use that to jam the taffy down the stick, not your bare hands!  If you use fresh taffy this really shouldn't be a problem. They are usually pretty easy to thread.

Taffy Skewers

-Thin wooden skewers
-Assorted taffy 

Make sure your taffy is fresh.  (Use a sealed bag of taffy from Walmart or something.  Don't buy it in bulk or at the dollar store or it will probably be way too hard to thread.)

Poke skewers through the middle of first taffy and thread it down to a few inches from the bottom.  Repeat with each taffy.  Do not give yourself mondo slivers.

Serve and enjoy!

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

What a great decorating idea! Love it. Not the finger-skewering. That I would probably end up doing, but not liking. :)

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