Monday, November 19, 2012

Lindt Chocolate RSVP Preview Party

A few weeks ago Lindt & Sprungli (Swiss chocolatiers) contacted me and invited me to host a preview party for a new program they have called Lindt RSVP.   This is a home party program where consultants lead taste testings in someone's home and guests who are interested can order products from their catalog.  This party was a preview so in my case, there was no consultant. I just lead a little taste testing of some Lindt products and we sampled a variety of chocolates they sent me.  It was such a fun opportunity and such a great idea for a girls night. Women do tend to love chocolate you know.

If you've been reading for long you probably already know I love Lindt.  My dad has practically changed his citizenship to Swiss and in his frequent trips to Europe the one brand he always brings home is Lindt.  It's the real deal.  European chocolate has very rich chocolate flavors and is smoother and usually less sweet and waxy than American chocolate. I LOVE Lindt for its taste and texture and I also find that it is a dream to dip with.  

Want to see some of the products Lindt sent for our party?

You have probably seen Lindt's assortment of Lindor Truffles at various stores:

I'm convinced this is the stuff dreams are made of.  Before, during, and after the party I managed to sample every flavor of truffle Lindt sent. My personal favorites are the hazelnut, orange, and straciatella.  (Straciatella is like the Italian version of chocolate chip.)  In their catalog they even have peppermint Lindor truffles for Christmas!   *Groan*


Lindt also makes baking bars and even chocolate fudge sauce.  Their Lindt Chocolate Passion cookbook had me drooling.  I might have read it front to back.  The recipes in it are created by Maitres Chocolatiers- master artisans who have spent years studying chocolate and completing apprenticeships in Europe.  These guys know their stuff and the recipes prove it.


Here is one of the chocolate bar sampling trays I set out.  This one has White Chocolate Coconut, Black Currant, and Cranberry.  We also tried 70% dark, and milk.  The hit of the night was White Chocolate Coconut, and Cranberry was a big hit as well.  I like milk chocolate best so I definitely gravitated towards the sweeter chocolates.


An even bigger hit?  The Lindt Classic Chocolate Brownies from their cookbook.  They're so fudgy some of my guests actually thought they were fudge.  Lindt provided me with recipe cards and everyone went home with that one.  I also served a White Chocolate Strawberry drink from the same cookbook that was AMAZING.  Seriously good.  I can't wait to try their recipe for Hot Chocolate. 

Like I said, this was a preview party so there was no consultant, but I got to play that role just for fun and lead a little taste-testing of the Lindt 70% cacao bar.  

Taste-testings consist of using all five senses to experience chocolate.  Here's a brief run-down:

-Look: Examine your piece of chocolate.  Lindt chocolate bars have a silky sheen and an even texture.  Most low quality chocolates are a bit dull.
-Touch: Run your fingers over the surface of the chocolate.  It should be exceptionally smooth.
-Listen: Break your piece of chocolate in half.  You want to hear a sharp "snap"!  If you check out my Chocolate Dipping Tips tab you can see that I recommend chocolate with a "good snap" quite often.  This is a great way to tell a good chocolate bar from one that is loaded with wax and other ingredients.
-Smell:  Smell your chocolate and identify what scents you can pick out.  Fun Fact- The Lindt Chocolatiers are trained to discern hundreds of distinct tones in chocolate.  Seriously.
-Taste: Place a small piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it slowly dissolve in your mouth.  This really is the best way to enjoy any kind of chocolate.  Really savor it!

This was such a fun party to host.  Who wouldn't want to come to a party that's all about chocolate?  If you are interested in hosting a party you can get more details on the Lindt RSVP website.

PS- It's not just adults that love Lindt. 

Have a truffle.

 Have lots of truffles.

There you go.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this review however I did receive free chocolate and supplies to host the party.  All opinions are my own although they may have been slightly influenced by the copious amounts of delicious chocolate I consumed yesterday.
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Jannifer said...

Sorry for my lacking photogenic abilities; however, thanks for the chocolate party invite! It was the highlight of my weekend! So much chocolaty goodness. Those brownies were my favorite. PS Those pics of your cute kiddo (not sure if you like to post the names of your kids online or not) completely melts my heart. How do you not give him whatever he wants?!

Karen @ Sugartown Sweets said...

How cool that they asked you to host the preview!! The orange and coconut sound delish. I really enjoyed your post..but hey, how could I not? I love chocolate too. :)

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

OMG I wish I could have been there. Lindt is absolutely amazing. Talk about a dream party!

Glenn Family said...

Katie, looks like so much fun. I swear you made me so hungry. Love the cute pictures and I love your description. I just love reading your posts and looking at the delectable food pics.

Lauren McAwesome said...

Mmmmm such a yummy party!

Mobile wedding hair and makeup Brisbane said...

They are nice chocolates. The brownies looks nice too.

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