Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Patriotic Layered drinks

Today our kids are in bed with fevers and flu so I thought this would be a good time to post some of my old recipes before the Olympics next week.  I'm not sure I can watch Tangled or Blue Planet one more time.

These drinks were all over pinterest and we couldn't resist trying them for the Fourth.  I was not at all convinced they would taste good  and was pleasantly surprised.  I think my red and white layers combined pretty well although I didn't really care for the blue.  I didn't really like the Polar Blast Hawaiian Punch as it is though, so that was probably my problem.

In case you haven't done these, the secret is to fill your cup up completely with ice and then pour the drink right on top of the ice as slowly as possible.  Sometimes it's good to wait for a minute and let the drink settle before continuing to pour more. 

You absolutely must layer these drinks in the right order.  Check the label on the back of the drink and look at the sugar content.  The highest amount of sugar is the drink that should go on the bottom.  The lowest will go on top.  (No sugar/calorie free is fine for the top.)  My white layer and blue layer were only about 7 grams different in sugar and they ran in to eachother a bit, so if you want really defined layers, choose sugar contents that are pretty drastic.

I have a Halloween version of these floating in the back of mine brain so hopefully it will make an appearance come October. 

Patriotic Layered Drinks
Instructions from Chef in Training

-Red Fruit Punch Crystal Light (Make 1 packet of powder according to directions.  It never hurts to use a little less water.)
-Blue Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast (Next time I will probably experiment with something different)
-White Pina Colada Sobe (I used 1 bottle and it was enough for 6 drinks)

Fill clear glasses up to the brim with ice. Pour the drink with the most sugar into the ice as your bottom layer (Pine Colada Sobe).  Fill cup up about a third of the way.

Very slowly pour the drink with the medium amount of sugar (Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast) onto the ice to cover the first layer.  It is tempting to start pouring slowly and end by dumping it in really fast.  Resist the temptation!  It's okay to stop and let the layer settle a little before pouring in the rest. Be sure you are pouring DIRECTLY on to ice (the more ice, the better).  I also think the layers stay intact best if you pour from a small cup and not from a big heavy jug or container.

Once you have done your second layer you may need to add more ice to your cup.  Repeat the pouring process with your last drink (Fruit Punch Crystal Light) until you've reached the brim of your cup.

Serve and enjoy!

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Pretty! I hope the kids are better soon. :)

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