Saturday, June 23, 2012

Patriotic Pop-Rock Rimmed Blowpop Drinks {Kid-friendly}

Drinks that taste like blow-pops.  How could this not be a good idea?  These are made with Sprite, so they are kid-friendly and the extra "pop" makes them fun for the Fourth.  These would be cute for any kids party and in any variety of colors and flavors.  (Omit pop-rocks if you wish.)

For this drink I dyed my Sprite blue and then used a red Blow-pop... dummy idea because after awhile it started to turn my drink purple.  This is probably why I got a C in Art.   I'd recommend looking for blue poprocks (tropical ones can be found at Dollar Tree) and using those for the rims, and then a cherry or watermelon Blowpop to color the drink red. 

Pop-Rock Rimmed Blow-Pop Drinks
Blow Pop Martini Idea from The Girl Who Ate Everything

-Pop rocks (blue or red), at least one package per glass you intend to dip
-Corn syrup
-Food coloring (blue or red), optional
-Blow pops, one per glass

Pour corn syrup into a shallow bowl that is large enough to accommodate the rim of your glasses.  Dip the rim of each glass straight down into the corn syrup to desired thickness.  Pull back up, then dip immediately back down into a bowl of poprocks.  Repeat for each glass.

Carefully fill each glass with Sprite.  If desired, add a drop or two of food coloring.  If you are using red/blue blow pops you probably don't need to tint the Sprite.  Unwrap a blowpop and add to each glass.  Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to let the blow-pop flavor the drink.

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

What a great idea! My kid would fall in love with this. Now that she's had a taste, she's all about mocktails, and sprite. :)

DANIELLE said...


Anonymous said...

Pop rocks would be such a great glass salt idea!!! Thank you!!!

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