Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve Chocolate Cherry Mice

Is it weird that mice remind me of Christmas?  I think it has something to do with going to the Nutcracker every December with my dad.  In case you didn't know, I was basically destined to be a professional ballerina.  Unfortunately my sense of rhythm didn't get the memo or something. 

At any rate, our kids loved these and I think we will be making them every Christmas eve from now on. They are best fresh so I recommend making them day-of.

Christmas Eve Chocolate Cherry Mice

-Maraschino cherries with stems
-Hershey's kisses, unwrapped
-Sliced almonds
-Chocolate chips or chocolate candy melts (I'd probably recommend the melts because they attach so firmly)
-White CK candy writer or royal icing (just mix some water and powdered sugar into a pipeable icing)
-Brown sprinkles/jimmies, or a dot of brown CK candy writer

Remove your cherries from their jar and place on a paper towel.  Allow them to drain for about 10 minutes, then blot with another paper towel until completely dry. (If they are damp at all, they will seize your chocolate!)

Melt your chocolate in a bowl at 50% power, stirring every 30 seconds until completely smooth.  Dip two almonds vertically into the mixture (about halfway) and place on a parchment lined-tray (however far apart you want the ears on your mice).  Firmly press a kiss on top and allow to cool completely.

Like so:
(ignore the chocolate cherries; just look at the kiss with ears)

Dip a cherry in your chocolate mixture until covered completely and set on your parchment lined tray with the stem laying flat against the paper (not straight up).  Push the bottom of your "eared-kiss" against the bottom of the chocolate cherry and hold for a few seconds or until attached.  If it is not attaching, let your chocolate cool for a few minutes before trying again.  The cherries will dip best if the chocolate is very hot, but will attach to the kisses best if the chocolate is nearly room temperature. 

Repeat for each mouse.  Should look like this:

Move tray to the freezer to cool completely.  Pipe on two eyes for each kiss using a chocolate candy writer (melt it in a bowl of hot water until completely soft), or royal icing.  Press small jimmies into each eye to make the pupils.  (I usually cut mine in half or thirds so I'm using just a teensy piece.) 

Refrigerate until ready to serve.
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Jannifer said...

These are adorable!

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