Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eyeball Pretzel Bites

Mmmkay, let's not even talk about how belated this post is.  I had really hoped to have this up in time for Halloween, because it's such a fun, easy, treat for kids to make.  (People always say that, but really, truly, your two year old can help you make these. Without you screaming and lunging across the room every 2 seconds to keep him from diving into a hot oven).

I fell ill with the plague of death (aka a cold) and whined and moaned for about 2 weeks (mostly about how you should be able to buy prescriptions through WebMD since you've al-READY diagnosed yourself.  Psshhhhh. By the way, does anyone else end up with cancer every time they use that thing?  I think there's a slight possibility I'm becoming a cyberchondriac.)

And then I got over it and decided you probably still need this anti-recipe, even though it's late.  You can use it next year.  Or you can find some other excuse to make eyeball snacks with your kids.  I'm pretty sure you probably have a myriad of those.

Eyeball Pretzels
-Square pretzels
-White candy melts
-Chocolate chips (or miniature M&Ms)
-Red sprinkles

Place your pretzels on a microwaveable plate and top each with a candy melt.  Microwave until soft but not dripping.  Actual time will depend on your microwave but mine took about 30 seconds.

Pull your plate out of the microwave and top each melt with an inverted chocolate chip or M&M.  If the middle of your candy melt is still hard, you need to microwave them longer.

Then sprinkle each with red jimmies, or strategically drop them on to look like blood vessels.

Enjoy your creepy snack.
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BreAna {Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced} said...

I love it! I am glad you still posted. I pinned it for next year! :)

MsFoxsSweets said...

Again...pinned. Too fun! Glad you are better!

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