Friday, February 18, 2011

Mix your Own Ice Cream...

I have a newfound resolution to try to blog more, and nothing is more fun to write about than food. So hopefully this blog is going to get some love.

I need to let you know about my latest obsession.

One day it hit me that vanilla ice cream = endless possibilities. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of a fat girl in a skinny girl's body. When I go into a bakery, I want Everything. I'm the customer who stands at the back, ho-humming, and letting 10 people cut her in line because she just can't make up her mind. I like variety.

Unfortunately this means I buy a quart of ice cream, sample it twice, and am ready to move on to a new flavor. Poor Tim ends up eating all my "leftovers" (secretly I don't think he really minds ;)


So I had this epiphany. And I started creating.

My first creation was chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. The recipe is very precise-
Throw some vanilla ice cream in the kitchen-aid. Throw in some cocoa powder until it tastes chocolatey enough (being willing to taste-test is a requirement for making this recipe). Throw in some frozen raspberries, and some chopped chocolate truffles. Stop when it tastes like heaven.


Soo, the one thing about this very precise recipe, is that it *will* have the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. I'm okay with that.

If it starts getting too melty while you're throwing ingredients in, just pop it in the freezer for awhile. (Not too long, or it will take on a very hard texture- this recipe needs to be consumed ASAP)

In the same week I made Peppermint stick ice cream (Vanilla ice cream+crushed candy canes+a drop of red food coloring), and Banana pudding ice cream (Vanilla ice cream+a little bit of instant banana pudding+crushed vanilla wafers. Top with whipped cream if you're feeling naughty).

Snickerdoodle ice cream is currently on my to-do list.

PS- Cake batter ice cream is also delicious. Just mix in a few tablespoons of yellow cake mix until it tastes right.
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